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Have an idea and need a place to make it real? Edvard can be anything you need it to be - an attractive venue for an exhibition, business presentation, meeting or lecture!

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Edvard gives you the perfect setting for "pop-up" events of all kinds: business meetings, exhibitions, presentations, press conferences, lectures, gatherings ... It allows you to cook, eat, dance and even exercise. Turn it into a photography or video studio, a place to talk and exchange ideas or make it your own living room in the very centre of Ljubljana!

160 m² for your creativity

110 people

State-of-the-art equipment

Events with soul in the heart of the capital

Its location could not be better: Edvard can be found at Igriška 5 in Ljubljana.


250 steps from the very center of Ljubljana

Why choose Edvard?

Short and simple: because Edvard is no less than unique!


Why choose Edvard?

Short and simple: because Edvard is no less than unique!

Classic meets contemporary

The venue, located in a listed building designed by architect Edvard Ravnikar, underwent a thorough renovation in 2018, giving it a fresh, bright and innovative look. Its huge windows open the space to the greenery of the iconic Ferant garden, while window shades give you all the privacy you need.

Superb sound system and lighting

Edvard boasts the latest video equipment, an exquisite sound system with an audio mixer and three microphones, a professional lighting system with source console, as well as a wireless fiber optic internet connection.

Total adaptability

Edvard can be rented fully equipped or without equipment. You can even customize the level of equipment according to your needs. It can be all yours for an hour, two or more - as long as you need it.

Independence and self-sufficiency with its own entrance

Edvard is not hidden in a maze of joint staircases, overcrowded corridors and hotel labyrinths. You enter it right from the street, through its very own entrance. During your event your guests will therefore come to you through your door.

Exquisite location

Edvard can be found only a few steps from the center of Ljubljana.


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